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Static Page ($150.00 per Month)
Every business needs an online presence. We will design and build a web destination for your business enhanced with your logo and branding. It will include an "About Us" page and some advertising promoting your goods or services. When you sign on, your page will become a part of the larger DaSell4U.com network of small businesses. It will also provide basic information such as location, store hours, customer service contact number, etc.

Hyperlink Referral ($150.00 per Month)
With this service, your business' website – whether we design it or not – will be added to our online directory of DaSell4U small businesses. The link will cross-promote your business with others and give your page direct access to thousands of shoppers on the DaSell4U platform.

eCommerce Site
DaSell4U will design, build and set you up on our platform, giving your current customers and thousands more direct 24/7 access to your goods and services. In addition to promoting and branding, the page will have all the features that are included in a static page package. Monthly fees for this service cover technical support, website maintenance and online customer service
Fee: $1450.00 (Design & Set Up)*
Fee: $30 (Monthly – Includes maintenance, tech support and customer service) % 0.036 / transaction fee
Fee: $5 per product update

Shipping Services
We provide a variety of shipping options. Our team will sit with you to come up with an affordable shipping solution that fits your business particular needs. DaSell4U will suggest either the tools you need to do your own shipping or we will handle the entire shipping process for you (5 New York boroughs Local Businesses only), if you don’t already your shipping service in place.

Monthly Magazine, Flyer ADs ($150 – $450 per Print)
Sign up for the magazine and Reach people who live, work and shop in the neighborhood where your business is located. Our team will design, create and distribute thousands of flyers that advertise your goods and services right in your local community where they will have the most impact. You will have the option to customize one of your own.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO ($450.00 per Month)
We will increase the amount of people who know about your business. By embedding specific keywords related to your products or services and social media pages and following other protocols, we will raise the profile of your small business page in Google results and other search engine rankings.

Social Media Services ($150.00 per Month)
In the United States alone, there are over 1 billion personal social media pages. At least 81 percent of the country's total 300 million population is registered on at least one social media site. We will help you market your goods or services to thousands of active online users by creating relevant and engaging content that helps you build a loyal and active community of fans and followers.

Email Marketing ($150.00 per Session)
DaSell4U will help you drive up your number of repeat visits, increase foot traffic to your store, and grow your community of online shoppers. Using direct e-mail advertising, we will help you grab the attention of your customer base and reach potential customers with special offers, coupons, product launch information, special announcements and more.