As a small business owner, it has been very difficult to run our day to day operations, as well as engaging in the construction and maintenance of a full-time online store. It has been made easier to do so with the new IT (Information Technology) systems available, for those who have had the opportunity to learn such knowledge. It is difficult enough to keep up with the technology in general today, and even more complicated if not impossible to build a website.

That adventure is only possible for small business owners who are computer literate and understand how a website work. It is statistically proven that most small business owners like us just give up on the new age opportunity because of its complexity. Because of that personal experience that has held us back and has been crushed by the giant companies that are very competitive because of their financial power.

We created DASELL4U to give a fair chance to all small business owners that still have the drive to compete for a portion of the market that we have missed out on for so long. It’s an opportunity that should be taken advantage of by long-time frustrated owners with no chance to compete with bigger companies in the IT market place.